La Passeggiata (The Walk): Animal Neighbors of Arlington, 2018

Four animal families cavort on the brick walls of the beloved neighborhood Fox Branch Library in East Arlington, MA. a magnet for young children and their families. All of the animals are local to the Boston/New England area. There are Deer, Foxes, Bears, and Alewives. 

The animals are a reminder that we have neighbors who use our streets and backyards and neighborhoods as their own. They are companions to the more common animals found on the Bus Shelter Mural further up Mass. Ave. They are out for a jaunt, perhaps to take the bus to Harvard Square! The moral--take mass transit, and there will be more room for wildlife!

Process: These started as small watercolors, which were printed on a large scale in black and white, and then applied to the brick walls using wheat paste, a mixture of flour and water. The mural is semi permanent, and will be removed in January 2019. 

This mural was commissioned by Arlington Public Art, for the Boston Rapid Transit Bus Pilot Project curated by Cecily Miller, and paid for by the Barr Foundation.

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Deer family.jpg
Runnig fox with sign.jpg
diagonal panel from mass ave.jpg
fox face closeup.jpg
bear walking pole.jpg
Fox Library Entrance Bears.jpg
mama bear and sign.jpg
bear cub facing.jpg
alewives looking up.jpg
alewives panel 1 again.jpg
alewives corner 1.jpg